Contractor Accountants Leamington Spa

In 1993, Bernard Rogers & Co. was founded on several principles. Almost 25 years later, we still hold true to the fundamentals of trust, reliability, consistency, and quality.

Our role as a specialist contractor accountants has given our team a wealth of experience in a spectrum of different industries. Our services are available for contractors, freelancers, and self-employed workers in Leamington Spa (sometimes referred to as ‘Silicon Spa’ due to the large number of digital and computer game companies in the area).

If you need a professional to manage your books, help make sense of your annual accounts or assist in the formation of a limited company, our basic packages start from as little as £75, with all of our services offered on a tailored basis – we’ll only give you what you need.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we can help your business grow, you can contact us on 01926 851 516, or email on to find out how we can go forward together.

A Service Built For You

Our experience of working with contractors spans back over two decades. We know that you’re busy. Which is why we’ve created a service designed to save you time with us, to focus on what’s important for you.

You’ll have one point of contact, your account manager who is responsible for ensuring you get the full benefit of our services, whilst listening to any ideas or issues you may be having. We don’t ask for any unnecessary meetings that could be settled with a phone-call, so you can crack on with business.

Knowledge Based On Experience

The joy of being a specialist accountancy firm, means that we service clients in a number of exciting and different industries. Not only is this fascinating, but also educational – as we learn from each client the methods that are best suited to their particular industry.

If you need a contract accountant in Leamington Spa, and work for a company such as Sega, Codemasters, Tata Technologies, or Jaguar Land Rover, please get in touch with us to see if you’d benefit from our specialist contract accounting services.

IT Contractor Accountants in Leamington Spa

If you require a contractor accountants who specialise in the IT sector, Bernard Rogers are your perfect match. We’ve been providing our accountancy services to IT contractors since the infancy of the internet.

The new boom in demand for IT contractors stems from concerns of security over current IT infrastructure, and the constant evolution of new digital technologies. Many of our current IT clients have been with us since the demand for short-term IT contractors exploded in the late Nineties. We believe this speaks volumes in terms of the quality of our service, and the quality of our clients as they continue to succeed in the competitive IT sector.

If you need a contractor accountants in Leamington Spa, get in touch with us on 01926 851 516, or email and tell us how we can help your business succeed with its accounts.