Contractor Accountants Dundee

If you’re searching for a contractor accountant in Dundee, keep reading to find out how Bernard Rogers & Co. can help you.

We were established back in 1993, and ever since, Bernard and the team have been providing their exemplary service to those who have sought it. Many of our past clients have been with us since the beginning, including contractors, freelancers, and self-employed workers in the U.K.

You can get in touch by calling 01926 851 516, or send an email to Bernard and the team to We aim to return all queries within a working day where possible.

From as little as £75 per month, you can benefit from our wealth of experience in contract accountancy. We’ll always provide you with a transparent, professional and reliable service in a number of different ways. This could be through managing your tax returns or processing your annual accounts.

We can also register public companies in 24 hours, and provide comprehensive, independent financial advice based on 20+ years of industry experience.

Contract Accountants With a Personal Touch

Time is precious. That’s why we won’t ask you for unnecessary meetings when our work could be more efficiently conveyed in a phone call or email. Through your own client manager, you’ll have a point of contact with Bernard Rogers & Co. that will ensure you’re getting everything you need. They’ll assist you with any issues or ideas you might have, and keep you updated with how everything is going.

Diverse Client Portfolio

Having been in operation for over 20 years, we’ve gotten to know a number of businesses in a large number of sectors. This means we’ve got the knowledge to support you with our best service, at our best price.

If you’re working on a contractual basis for companies such as Alliance Trust, DC Thomson, C.J. Lang & Son, or other similar businesses, we can provide you with your contractor accountancy requirements in the Dundee area.

IT Contractor Accountants

If you’re looking for an IT contract accountant, we can give you an industry-leading service based on our extensive experience of helping clients in the IT sector.

Companies, large and small, are constantly looking for top talent in the IT sector to help them secure their IT infrastructure. If you’re being employed on a contractual basis and need experienced accountants to help you with any of your bookkeeping, or other accounting requirements in Dundee, please get in touch.

If you’d like to find out more, call us on 01926 851 516, to find out how we can help. Or, send an email to, and we’ll be in touch.